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It is mandatory for students to have either public health insurance e.g. , , , etc. or private health insurance (obligatory if you are older than 30 years) e.g. , , .

Monthly fees for compulsory insurance for students vary depending on the insurance company, on average they cost about EUR 100,-.

To take out health insurance, bring the following documents to the insurance company of your choice:

  • Valid passport
  • Student identity card / matriculation certificate

You can take care of this after your arrival to Nuremberg. Some insurance companies offer online registration. Take your time to find the best offer to fit your needs.

Bank account

In order to install the obligatory blocked account, students have to open a bank account at a German bank.

Changes starting from 1 January 2021: You are obligated to deposit EUR 10,332,- per year or EUR 861,- per month for your planned stay (up to 12 months at a time) into a German blocked account when applying for a student visa to Germany.

This amount is based on the BAföG, a set of laws, which regulate state funding for students in Germany. As these numbers are subject to change, please contact your embassy/consulate in advance to confirm the amount you need to deposit.

Note that some providers of blocked accounts offer bundles with health insurance as well.

Please refer to this site for further information: